Patrick presents The Mephistophone at MTF

Isak Herman and Patrick Wollner present the Mephistophone at Music Tech Fest London.

Patrick Wollner and Isak Herman present Mephistophone, a device that creates and responds to sonic gestures. Using a latex surface containing 32 embedded sensors, participants react to sounds by pushing and pulling into the surface of the material. This data is then collected and learnt via supervised learning , so that any sound made or directed to the computer can be understood and drawn. Artists can train Mephistophone to understand particular sound worlds which can then be played as a versatile instrument. From another perspective, it is also possible to compare this data with other interpretations of similar material to collate evidence on how people produce and make meaningful sound. What’s particularly exiting about Mephistophone as that you can make one too! All programming is open source and all materials are intentionally inexpensive, in fact the whole mechanism is powered by only three Arduino boards.